Frequently asked questions

Do you have international shipping to addresses outside of the United States?

Yes, we regularly ship the stickers all over the world.

Will there be a tracking number on my international order?

Priority International shipping does not provide tracking.

How long will it take for my stickers to arrive?

For domestic USPS first-class mail: Shipping will take 3-7 business days, sometimes as long as two weeks. There will be no tracking number.

For domestic USPS Priority mail: Shipping takes 2-4 business days. Delivery Confirmation is provided.

For international first-class mail: Shipping times depend on the destination. In general, shipping takes 2-3 weeks. There will be no tracking number.

For international Priority shipping: USPS guarantees delivery within 2-3 weeks, depending on location. There will be no tracking number.

Customs and duties - Any customs fees, taxes, import fees, or duties will be the customer's responsibility.

How do I apply the stickers to my car window?

These are high quality die-cut, vinyl stickers which means that they are made up of many individual (sometimes small) pieces of white vinyl with adhesive on the back.
  • First, rub down the entire front of the sticker with a credit card to make sure that all of the pieces will stick to the clear plastic.
  • Next, peel off the paper backing, making sure that all of the vinyl pieces stay on the clear plastic. If any of the pieces stay on the paper, press the clear plastic back onto the paper and rub the specific piece firmly to make sure it comes up with the rest of the vinyl pieces.
  • Place the clear plastic with the white vinyl stickers onto the OUTSIDE of your car window, with the sticky side down. Rub all over the clear plastic with a credit card to stick the vinyl to the window.
  • Pull back the clear plastic, the white vinyl will stay affixed to the window.
Click here for more detailed instructions with step by step photos.

If I mess up the sticker application on my car, will you give me a replacement sticker for free?

No, unfortunately we cannot send out free products when the error is due to the customer and not the product.

I don't see my favorite character in your sticker designs. Will you create and design my character for me?

We do not make custom characters upon request. There are many characters that are not featured as stickers and that is because we cannot make a sticker for every character out there (espcially in the Star Wars universe, there are just too many)! We have chosen our designs based on popularity and recognizability.

Can I have my stickers made in a different color other than white?

We only offer the stickers in white. They were designed specifically so that the white color represents the lighter shades of the character leaving the negative space or open areas within the design to represent the darker shades. In the past we have made the stickers upon request in other colors, like black, and it reverses this effect, causing the sticker to look like a negative or reversed image. Trust us, white is the best!

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