Tips for Shaving Your Head

Are you always cutting yourself when shaving? Kiss those days goodbye! By following this helpful advice, it will no longer be an issue.

1. Remove Excess Hair

Before beginning to shave, make sure it’s shorter than one quarter inch in length. When your hair is any longer than that, it tends to get
snagged in the razor. Leaving you a bloody, torn up mess. One of the cool advantages of taking the time to do this, is the fact that it’s no
big deal if you trim too much off. After all, you’re going to be shaving it all off anyhow.

2. Give Yourself the Royal Treatment

It’s of the utmost importance to exfoliate an thoroughly cleanse your head prior to shaving. Using soap or shampoo, massage it deeply into
your scalp. This will help to prevent you from developing ingrown hairs by removing the dry skin off of your body. It’s a vitally important
step that’ll save you from getting skin irritation. Plus, when you give your scalp a thorough cleaning it lessens the chances of becoming
infected in the event that you get cut.

3. Get a Sense of Direction

No matter what kind of razor you use, always shave following the grain of your hair. As the old saying goes “don’t go against the grain” or
you might end up with a head full of razor burns and irritation. You want to have a blade that’s nice and sharp. After several uses they tend
to start getting dull increasing the chances of you cutting yourself. Also avoid continuously going over the same area of the scalp with the

4. Use Plenty of Moisturizer

Once you’ve completely removed all hair with a razor, put a soothing lotion upon the area in order to avoid your skin from drying out. It also
reduces your chances of having an outbreak of acne and/or irritation. These instructions can also be utilized for shaving the face as well.

5. Using Top Quality Shaving Products

I cannot express the importance of using optimum shaving products! Believe you me, it’ll save you the embarrassment of having to wear a hat 24
hours a day. In the long run you’ll be grateful that you did. When shopping for a new razor, don’t go for the cheapest one, by spending the
extra money you get a more efficient product. This is especially true for manual shavers which are of lower quality and tend to rip the skin
off your body.

6. Manual Versus Electric Razor

Depending on whether you prefer to use a manual or an electric shaver, there are some things to keep in mind. Those that’re electric are
specifically designed to trim your hair at a faster pace. And give you the ability to shave an area more than once without irritating your
skin. They are also nice to use since you don’t have to put on any shaving cream or lotion. Whereas, you need to make sure and lather up real
well with a manual razor. As you can see, electric shavers are the best bet. However, if you are a person who enjoys shaving in the shower,
then you’re going to want to use a manual one.

The End Results

  • Keeps you cool in the summer.
  • Requires very little maintenance.
  • It’s a stylish look that women find to be extremely attractive.

There’s no doubt of the advantages that come with shaving your head. But don’t say I didn’t warn you! After the first time you try it out,
it’ll become a daily ritual for you.

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