Why You Think That McDonald’s Coke Taste Better Than Others

If you’re a fan of Coke, then you probably order it when you go to McDonald’s. According, the customers the drinks tastes better to them than other players. Its important to say that when something taste better, its an opinion and not a fact.

Many have thought that because their foods have certain modifications, then they must modify their drinks. Others have thought that thought that its the after effect of of the foods that makes you hungry. Some of these theories may have actually been true at one point.

Representatives of McDonald’s have spoken and said that there is no secret formula, however they are flattered that people enjoy a drink more that they serve. Customers have studied the science of the drink and how its prepared. These steps may affect the experience of the customer.

With all Coke kept at a cool temperature at all times it allows the drink to remain carbonated. It gives the drinker that fizzy feeling that you get with soda drinks. Its the reason why it will taste different if the drink is at room temperature. It becomes less like a soda and more like a juice.

The science behind the coke process

On McDonald’s’ website, they claim that they apply the correct ratio of syrup with water in a cooler. It makes it so that whenever someone is going to take a sip of Coke, it will always feel refreshing. There may be a few stores that choose to do things differently. Even, with that in consideration, the feat is still impressive.

Regardless of the thoughts you may have on McDonald’s as a company, you must know that this process is expensive. The cooler keep the Coke in between 33 and 38 degrees Fahrenheit, or just above freezing. These filtration systems are expensive for any restaurant to invest in.

Sometimes its a bunch a subtle changes that can make a big difference. The straw that your drink is larger than normal straws so your taste buds can absorb more of the flavor. Its little things like that, which are things that everyone doesn’t notice. Maybe have a bias for McDonald’s that impacts your dining experience.

The Verdict

Every restaurant to some extent, has this type of attention to detail. Even detractors of the company must be impressed by the level of effort McDonald’s has put in to insure the highest level of satisfaction. The only thing you can ask for is more consistency.

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